9 May 2012

Let’s not talk policy…

CCWESTT Conference 2012 – great conference, great people, wonderful information and networking opportunities. All good stuff, except…ok, I have a thing about more policy talk. Personally, I’m sick of policies. I think that since WWII, we’ve probably hammered out enough policy to advance the position of women in every area of society – why is it then that it seems that we’re regressing as a nation when it comes to the position of our women in comparison with other countries – could it be that we need to move away from the policy table to putting money where our mouth is?

As I sat there listening to another diatribe on a new policy that was needed, I couldn’t help but wonder how many manhours (forgive my political incorrectness ladies) were we expending talking about this again. Where would that money have been better spent?  How many women would have remained in the profession if those same dollars were directed toward embedded supports that produce results? Just sayin…….let’s move away from policies for a moment and move into the real meat of it all – practices on the ground, where the rubber hits the road.

This is Canada for God’s sake – one of the most advanced capitalist societies – and we’re hung up on policy talk – it’s time for the hammer to land on all and any abuses. It’s time to acknowledge that women do not get a fair shake in industry. It’s time to acknowledge that real supports on the ground are the order of the day.

The business case for diversity is airtight. It’s time for real action – let’s move it, move it, move it.