27 December 2014

2015 – Work the Plan

When you look back at the past year, what did you notice. Did things work out the way you had planned? What do you mean, you didn’t have a plan? That’s no way to live, make a plan and work the plan for a fantastic year.

Find a quiet corner and close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Let’s go.

Imagine that it is December 2015 and you’re looking back over the year ahead. Bear with me, this stuff works.

What have you achieved in 2015? Struggling to put yourself in this place – it gets easier to suspend your disbelief but don’t leave me yet. Take a deep breath. Imagine you’re responding to the question – “What kind of year did you have?”

Phrase your responses in the affirmative. Use examples below as template….

“My body is strong and getting stronger every day.”

“I have a beautiful partner in my life and we cherish one another.”

M gross revenue in my business is (fill in the blank).”

Now glorify in the feeling for a bit longer. How does it feel to have accomplished so much. Come on back to the present again. What do you need to do to achieve those goals? Make a plan and work the plan – simple isn’t it?

20 September 2014

My First Business Coach – My Father

Long before terms like business coach, networking, pipelines and sales cycles were trendy, my father considered himself the go to guy for anything hobby farm related. He was a horse trader and my mother would swear that he would trade her if he got the right money. My father had all of the natural networking skill needed to be a successful business man. It was closing the deal that was a challenge for him. He would work a room, loved helping others and with just a rotary dial phone, he was The Connector Guy. When people needed something related to an animal, their first question would be “Did you call Randell?” My father knew the value of networking.


This week I attended a couple of networking events and I couldn’t help but think of him. I watched people who were seasoned networkers and others who were just beginning and I wondered what he would tell anyone who asked how to do it.  As a teacher of business process, we often reverse engineer a task to see what the component parts are. I look at my father to see what that was. He would walk into a room and walk right up to a person he didn’t know and introduce  himself. He had the confidence to do that because he loved his people and he knew it was going to be fun. He would tell a story, make them laugh and set up a time to meet again. When we would get outside my father would pull a pencil from behind his ear and ask me to write a number down. Horse men don’t have business cards.


As a connector guy, he provided value add first. He always helped people find the people they needed to connect with. My father would be on the phone most evenings and we would hear him say “I’ll tell you why I’m phoning you. I got a fella needs a ……”  I know he’d tell you to help someone get what they need and the sale will come. I meet so many people who try and sell in that first introduction.


Nobody likes a stick in the mud. We would rather buy from someone who will also give us a light dusting of humour with our sale. My father always made people laugh. It makes people feel good and we remember people who make us feel good. We do business with folks we know and trust.


I can hear my father say “I must give buddy a call.” I’d ask “What for?” My father didn’t need a reason. People loved hearing from him and talking about what they had in common. In the conversation he would be planting seeds about this and that. It wasn’t awkward, the conversation naturally went that way. My father would tell me not to push too hard too early.

Last night I read the poem to him called  “The Race”. We both enjoy it and it’s about getting up again after a fall. Don’t worry about getting it right the first time, get up and try again if it is a flop the first time.

“You’re never going to get good at it if you give up.” Happy Networking.

13 September 2014

3 Steps to Getting Over Frustration and On with Business

Don’t quit – frustration is a call to action.

Are you frustrated and ready to throw in the towel? I’ve been there and I’m glad that you’re here reading this. One day I am  sitting here with a friend and I am pissed. I’d worked my ass off to get where I was and where I was wasn’t all that great a place. No sales, can’t pay the bills – one failed attempt after another.


After a long rant I said “I quit. I was never meant to be in business. No one wants what I’m selling. I’m not cut out for this. I’m done!! Yes they were strong words but they were even stronger if you know the context. I was living on a disability pension. I am legally blind and even if I was not disabled, finding a job at my age is a challenge. Giving up was the equivalent of saying “I’ll just live on my disability pension for the next 30 years or so.” I was frustrated.


My good friend Peter was great at not mincing words. He said “Debbie, listen to yourself. You’re not a quitter. You haven’t invested all of this energy to quit. Frustration is a call to action.”

He was right and it was just what I needed at the time. I licked my wounds and took a good hard look at myself. I am now headed down a new road but not before I learned a few lessons. If you are frustrated, here is what I would suggest:


1. Take a break and take an inventory of what you can do. You’ve got a lot of great skills that got you into business in the first place. Maybe you need a couple of new skills to get you to the next level.

2. Seek out help if you need it. Have you really humbled yourself or are you pissed because it is not coming easier to you?  I needed a coach to get me through this one.  Skills you need in business have nothing to do with selling the features of your product. It’s about learning to market.

3. Get a Peter in your life. Loads of people will tell you what you’re doing right. Most people won’t be honest. But a true friend will give you the goods. I’m grateful that Peter made me mad enough to get help that day. Find someone who will give you that kind of support.

Debbie describes herself as a resultant entrepreneur who is having the time of her life.

5 September 2014

Budgets in 5 Simple Steps

Like most lessons I have learned tendency to wait for hard knocks before I get it. Not always the best choice, but it is what it is.  When I went bankrupt, I forced myself to learn how to budget. There was no way I was ending up back in that place again. Might I assume that you’re reading this because it is your time. Welcome aboard – you’re in great company.

In my program on financial literacy called The Buck Stops Here, I teach many new skills. We usually wind up needing these skills because somewhere along the way we missed that class on financial savvy. Maybe there was no class. I’ve only ever known borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and then hitting up Matthew and Mark. It only works for so long.  If you’re still reading, the good news is that you’re about to change all that.

People fail at diets and budgets because they take on too much all at once. I suggest a gentle approach. But hey, it’s your life.


Track your spending  for a minimum of three months to get a real sense of what your spending habits are. Where are you leaking valuable money? Tracking is like slowly pulling your head out of the sand. It gives you a lazer sharp focus on where the dough is going.

Own it. It’s your life and you need to take responsibility for it if you want to make changes. When you have had a chance to digest it, you’re ready for the next step.


In this day and age, many of our bills are taken directly from our bank account. How many of your bills are stacked in a pile unopened? Take inventory of you must pay out each month. Print off a statement of each bill and don’t miss any. Stick them in a binder – let’s call it the budget binder. Don’t miss any – gym membership, car insurance, line of credit, student loan payment, etc.


How much money do you have coming in during the month? Many folks have a steady income – job security and they can count on the same money from week to week or month to month. Fixed income is easier to budget. Entrepreneurs have a different reality as you know. But you can still budget. What do you have coming in each month?


Take your calendar and a black marker. Put the income in on the dates that you will receive it. Now take your red marker and enter the bill payments on the date that they are coming out of the account.

Don’t stop there – remember the tracking that you were doing. Look at the miscellaneous spending that went on. Put those numbers in if they are realistic.

No one is watching you. Don’t try and make a budget of what you should spend. Make it real – what will you spend your money on this month? If you are in deficit, you are in deficit. You can’t change all of the bad habits in one day. Give yourself a break. Have a long hard look and again, own the budget. It’s yours and as scary as it is, it is real.

We are all done sweeping things under the rug.


At the end of the month you pull it all out again. Because you have continued the practice of tracking your spending, you can now enter the actual numbers. You may do this periodically throughout the month. Either way, it’s all there in black and red. How did you make out? Were there any surprises? Do you need to make a change or two. It is up to you where you go from here. Do you need to take a second job?

It is your choice after all The Buck Stops Here.

28 August 2014

A Bowl of Coffee Anyone? Staying motivated when the arse falls out of her.

Anyone who has been in business for a while knows that it is not for the feint of heart. Truth is it toughens you and teaches you how to be creative when it comes to problem solving. In order to be successful in business I believe that you also have to have a hunger to succeed, a real determination to get the job done. You’ve got to have a willingness to figure it out. Once you have it, nothing can stand in your way not even when things go wrong in the kitchen.

There’s a Hole in my Bucket

As I started to fill the pot with fresh water, I noticed it pouring right out the bottom – the arse had fallen out of her. No pot,no coffee. Now anyone who knows me knows that I have to have a morning coffee. I’ve  walked 8 miles in my jammers uphill in a snowstorm to get a cup of Tims. Lately I’d taken to brewing my own because it was too far to walk and I don’t drive.

We had a class A crisis on our hands. I tried shoving a mug under there to catch the coffee but the mug was too big and it was a bit tricky. The original lid on the pot actually sat against a mechanism that opened a valve where the coffee flowed out. My mug was not cutting it. After a few choice words, I decided that I’d have a tea. Truth be told, I didn’t want tea – I wanted coffee and I was hellbent on getting one.

What Have You Tried

In business when we hit a roadblock we need to get creative but only if you’re hellbent on getting it done. If you’re certain that you are going in the right direction, you won’t let obstacles stand in your way.  Will you? Just because you got turned down for that loan or grant, are you going to take that as a reason to quit or are you going to kick the creativity into high gear. It really is your choice.

I get clients who are ready to throw in the towel and when they tell me how big the obstacle is I do ask what they have tried. They pay me to help them make good decisions.  What about you – what do you do when faced with an obstacle. Have you really tried everything? Really? Really?

Get ‘er Done

I looked at that coffee maker and thought about my father – he taught me how to figger things out – he was a hardy Newfoundlander – a cross between Red Green and MacGyver. If he was here, he would size it up for a minute and then he’s say “Hang on now Debbie, I’ll show you how to fix that.”

My father knew what most business people know, there is more than one way to get the job done. Sometimes you have to be creative. Inspired by my father, I got up and got a little bowl and placed it where the pot should be. I then got a spoon and pushed up on that little valve and what do you think happened? You got that right – that coffee was flowing into the bowl, nice and hot and with a rich aroma. I was a happy camper.

You’ll be Tested

In business, like in life, you’ll be tested. Sometimes the test will really be a test of your commitment. If you’re walking away every time you have a challenge, you may not be in the right career. If you have a hunger, the right determination and a willingness to get creative, you will get the job done.

A bowl of coffee anyone?

23 August 2014

The Buck Stops Here

No Avoiding It

No matter how hard I tried, I could not avoid bankruptcy. I thought I was doing it all right. Anyone who knows me well knows that I pride myself on being good with money.  No matter how good we are at managing money, when life shows up with a ripple, even the best of us can get derailed.

Double Edged Sword

Bankruptcy was tough – it took a toll on my self-esteem when the arse fell out of her. I thought I was down for the count. Bankruptcy was also the best gift I was ever given. Yes it was a tool that helped me to start over. But for me it was more than that. There was no way I was ending up back in this place again. I needed to take a long hard look at what it was that I could do to ensure that this didn’t happen. I had lessons to learn and I was like a sponge when it came to finding out what would work.

Track Spending

You don’t know where you need to trim if you don’t know where you’re spending. The first step for me was to track my spending. It took some time to get into the swing of things but I did it. Tracking alone wasn’t enough. Now that I knew were every penny was going, I sat there and asked “Where do I want it to go?”

Time for Reflection

You don’t lose it all and remain the same person. You only get lost in keeping up with the Jones one time and you learn a lesson. Now that you know where the money is going, you have to ask, where do you want it to go. What do you want the future to bring? I know that my values and needs had changed in the process.

I took the time to do my homework. The only thing that I ever knew about money was that if you get it you spend it. That’s what got me into this mess in the first place. Taking time to reflect helped me to make some good decisions. There is so much you can do when you have sound financial advice and you take a bit of time to make good decisions.

I think that life gives us the lessons we need to learn and when it comes to money, you have a choice. Learn it now or learn it next time around. For me, I decided to get off the Merry Go Round and take charge of my spending. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about making better decisions one day at a time.

3 January 2014

They will think I’m nuts!!! When is it time to get new friends?

Are you a person who dreams big dreams? Are you working your butt off to make that dream a reality? Do you worry about what your friends will think of you if they knew what you spend your time pondering about and working on?

Here’s the deal. If you have done your homework and you’re thinking to yourself, I can pull this off. If you have designed a plan that looks like it could produce the results you need and you’re working that plan. If you have the energy that it takes to make big change in your life, it may be time to get new friends. Some people just think small and you don’t need those people in your corner right now.

You need to seek out “like minded” folks. Entrepreneurs are thinkers and they try are always taking risk. I’m an entrepreneur – I used to have a person in my life who would comment “you’re all over the place.” The reality was, if you are going to get big things off the ground, you will need to be all over the place. If you have to learn to network well, you need to be all over the place. If you are going to try and find a niche that feeds your soul, you will be all over the place. That person is no longer in my life. It was time to end a non-supportive friendship.

Get new friends, dream big and live the life your soul is screaming out to.