11 April 2012

Inspiring Sea Change - Women Networking

Inspiring Sea Change - Moving Forward Together

From May 3 - 5th, women from all across the country will come together to share information, learn from and support one another. 

CCWESTT (the Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology) had its beginnings in 1987. Since then it has evolved as a network of member organizations from coast to coast to coast in Canada. CCWESTT promotes the full participation and advancement of Canadian women in science, engineering, trades and technology 

What a wonderful opportunity to meet women from across the country who are working to ensure that we are always moving forward in work that we love to do. Often we have learned from women who have learned the hard way -  we can celebrate these women and their successes during this time. There is a wonderful opportunity for women to "Talk Trades". Looking forward to connecting with the sisters. 

Check out the programming at:

See you there.

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