11 December 2015

Notes on Law of Attraction Trauma and Grief

What I know to be true is that the Laws of Attraction are solid. We really do have control over the life that we want.

The law has a flaw in that it assumes that we are all in the same place - we can just engage our positive thinking and move forward.

Not the case. For those of us who have had less than charmed lives, who have suffered layers of trauma, who have unprocessed grief, more is required.

I know it to be true - because it is my story. I couldn't engage the tenets of the law of attraction until I dealt with what had hold of me - unprocessed grief. This took a professional. No amount of wishful thinking or "a lie in transition to becoming a truth" could help me with that. I needed help from the pros and I go that help.

***Good News*** That help puts you right back in the game of life.

Upshot - get help if you need it. Don't miss out on a great life!!!!

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