17 May 2017

Is it time to get bold?

On taking bold action - I had the most amazing vacation this week. When I take time away from biz, I come back with an amazing energy. I love what I do and I love inspiring others to take bold action.
A lady once said to me "You don't see what we see, do you?" I really didn't question her at the time but when I look back I can see what she meant. Long before I took bold steps in my business, other people could see my potential.
I know this because I see this in other people now and I often say to my clients "You don't see what I see." Then of course I hold up a mirror and show them what others see. Sometimes that means letting them see the parts of themselves that need to be changed but that's part of the process when you go for the gold.
You know when you're ready for bold action especially if you yearn for more. I could write forever on this topic - fear of failure keeps us stuck - embracing failed attempts as part of the process will get us closer to the goal.
What do other people see in you and is it time to throw away fear and get her done?

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