17 February 2013


It has  been an exciting couple of weeks. Entrepreneurs are accustomed to the ups and downs of business. It can be feast or famine – which is why diversifying is often a good thing.  I was asked by a friend in the tax business to teach a couple of classes. As an adult educator, designing productive and interactive programming is exciting regardless of what the topic. I welcomed the opportunity to teach outside of my area of expertise. Taxes are intriguing, thought provoking and intellectually challenging. My kind of topic. I haven’t felt this engaged  with a subject since I was at Law School. I welcomed the chance to learn and grow.

Training went well but little did I know that it was the beginning of a fun time together. After the training was done, he made me an offer that I could not refuse. He wanted to set up shop in a new location and wanted me to help manage the store. I jumped at the opportunity and accepted his offer on the spot. I could see a learning curve on the horizon and I welcomed it.

This past week we opened the TAXMAN’s newest location at 556 Sackville. Yours truly will be found there most days helping people navigate the murky waters of tax preparation.

What I have learned is that it isn’t necessary to have all of the answers to try something new. We just have to have the desire to give it our best and the things we need will show up. I’ve learned amazing lessons even in this short period that will benefit me in my business. Negotiating a lease, hiring contractors and marketing are just a few of the skills I’ve acquired.

I’ve had a great mentor and teacher whose calm support helped me along the way. Next time you’re given a chance to try something new, jump at the chance and you’ll surprise yourself.