18 March 2016

Entrepreneurship and Mental Health: 3 Strategies That Work for Me

Owning a business can be quite demanding - most of you know this. It also has many rewards - most of us know this. Let alone the challenges of maintaining the revenues - some of us have an added layer. We have compromised mental health.

Anxiety and Depression are part of the mix for me and they don't hinge on having a good life. Sometimes when I hear people say "I don't know what she is depressed about, she just came back from the Caribbean." a little voice inside me acknowledges "There's room for education here." That's a sure sign that people don't get it. Right? But you get it because you get it....

3 Strategies That Work for Me

Flex Time - My hours in my business vary and I have created a culture that isn't tied to any kind of 9 - 5 traditional workplace. I have control over that and when I don't anymore, it's time for me to move on.

An Awesome Tribe - The people in my corner uplift and support me and give me what I need. I love imperfect people who are comfortable in their own skin.

Self Acceptance - I own who I am and love myself with all my quirks and foibles. That means I am open to talk about mental health issues. After all, it's as much a part of me as my Newfoundland accent - not going anywhere fast.

Be well and if you can't be well - be kind to yourself.

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