4 August 2016

The eBook Experience - A Great Tool for Freelance Trainers and Coaches

Why write an eBook at all? 

Lots of reasons especially if you're in the training world. It really helps to get your name out there to establish credibility. It is an excellent way to reach people and share what we know with them.

The thing is that most of us get it. There is a ton of value in an eBook but we don't want to do the work. This past month I set out to do the work.

I wrote an eBook in 30 days. It will be on Amazon in the next week or so. Definitely in time for the course that I will be teaching in Sackville at the end of August. There are a few spots left yet.

Register for the program today. Seats are limited.

I have learned a few things in the process. You need an editor who really understands the technical side of wordsmithing (is that even a word?). It is not enough to just throw some words on paper. Don't mess it all up by going cheap on this important part.

It costs money to publish an eBook but it's worth it. If you're in it for the money - not sure I'd bother. The real benefit is in expanding the list and establishing cred with potential clients.

We have a ton of information to share as trainers. Learn how on August 26th in Sackville. Hope to see you there.

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