15 August 2017

3 lessons I learned on my journey to learn the laws of attraction.

Let's set the stage here - when I first began studying the law of attraction, I had a ton of crap in my life and absolutely nothing to lose. I was also a sceptic. But guess what, my current recipe for success wasn't working - I may as well try this. The learning curve is always steeper in the early days but as we get better at it, we forget those early lessons. I wanted to share some of those while it was still fresh in my mind. Here are three huge lessons that come to mind for me.

1. Be grateful for the lessons - This was a bit of a tough one. Having experienced a few real ugly events in life, I resisted the urge to be grateful for my experiences. But I did find that if I tried to find the lesson in each experience, I could be grateful for the lesson. In the early days, I would jokingly tell people that the only thing I have to be grateful for is that the cat did her business in the litter box. But after a while I got it - we need to be grateful for the lesson that is embedded in everything that happens. If you come from a background of bad experiences, the only real way to manage this is to ask  "What have I learned from this?" Sometimes you may have only learned that you're strong or graceful under pressure. Over time, I've been able to revisit some of the events in my life that were more painful and find the lesson in them as well. Stick with it - it's a process.

2. Be very clear in what you're asking for - "I want a better life." is not an example of being clear in what you're asking for. In the early days I just wanted a "bit of peace" or "something good to happen." These kinds of statements are vague and ambiguous - they are certainly open to interpretation. Many people are afraid to ask for exactly what they want. I know I was. I had to deal with a ton of guilt around asking for too much blah blah blah. ASK FOR EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. Try it - clarity is key. So when you ask for "something good to happen" don't be surprised if the only good thing that happens is that your partner puts the toilet seat down. That's good isn't it?

3. Get rid of the guilt. Now that you're asking for what you want, don't keep it small. You deserve the good life too. Does the good life feel out of reach for you? Think about it, do you ever feel guilty asking for too much? Were you raised to believe that you're greedy if you ask for too much? If this is something that you're struggling with find a way to get rid of it. Admitting that it's an issue is the first step. No one benefits from you playing small. Seek and ye shall find - yes, all of ye.

Bonus!!! I had to unlearn a lot of stuff that I had learned along the way - some of these lessons I learned from parents, some from the church, the school and others. I continue to find remnants of this early teaching as I continue on this journey. Life is as much about unlearning as it is about learning. Go for it.

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