18 August 2017

Protecting Emotional Capital - Nipping Worry in the Bud

They say that there's no ROI on worry but don't kid yourself. Failing to get a grip on out of control worry does indeed impact your emotional capital. It can also impact your ability to make good financial decisions and this can lead to an impact on financial capital.

It's important to put worry into perspective and that's exactly what I did this week. As entrepreneurs, we wear many hats and this creates a fertile ground for worry. It happens to me and I have no doubt that it happens to you as well.

I'm at decision time in my business and I have found myself worrying about whether I was making the right decision. I really needed some assurances that the path I was taking was the right one. I mentioned my own business concern this week in a conversation with my business coach Michelle Pippin of Women Who Wow and she really got me thinking.

Michelle reminded me that no matter which road we decide to travel in our business, we have options. We can turn back or course correct at any time. This conversation helped me to put my own concerns into perspective. It helped me to see that I was worrying unnecessarily. I was able to go away and feel much better about the decisions I had to make.

When you're facing a stressful situation and you find yourself consumed with worry, there are steps you can take. Having someone to share your concerns with is key but do be selective. It's important that you choose a person who has some insight into the matter you're struggling with. Sharing a concern can look like complaining when shared with the wrong person.

Shining a spotlight on what you're worrying about and doing a mental check in is a great way to keep it real. Are things really as bad as you think they are? Worse case scenarios rarely ever happen you see.

We need mental toughness in business - taking steps to protect our emotional capital is key.  If you find yourself worrying - find someone to help you put it into perspective. It will free up those resources for something more productive.

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