4 January 2018

Can you dream a KICKASS dream?

There are many skills to master as a business owner. Planning, communication, networking and the skill sets around money are all essential but.....

the one skill that is often trivialized and not given as much time as we should give it is
the ability to dream a big dream.
Truth is, some of you will stop reading at this point because
you're not into the "fluffy skills. But, resist the urge - suspend your disbelief. Read on!!

How much time do you spend perfecting the art of dreaming? How clear are you about where you are headed? Are you disciplined enough to continue to take steps to reach that goal in spite of the obstacles that others are focusing on?

are you getting bogged down in the crap that you have to wade through? Smart business people dream great big dreams and they take daily action toward achieving those dreams. What they don't do matters even more - they don't fall into the worry trap which can sap all of your energy and slow you down.

We're not oblivious to the fact that our disabilities are a barrier to success or we may not have enough capital at the present moment but we are very good at locking onto that target
and getting down to the grind each and every day because we're certain that no matter
what is standing in our path - we're going to overcome it!!
We're certain of it. We're not clear on the how but we are focused on the what.

That's the kind of determination and discipline it takes to be successful in business.
Only people with that level of nerve and guts succeed in this gig.

So yes, spend time learning about the money but spend even more time learning how to dream.

Join us for our book club which will start on Sunday for an introduction to the art of getting what you want.

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