17 February 2018

Periodic Pivots Etc.

I've taken a liking to the word PIVOT

Pivot: That thing that you do in business when plan A isn't working out.

I believe that pivoting makes good business sense. In the military we would often to a "recce" - a reconnaissance of an area that we were going to move into to see what resources we would need. Then we would move forward with Plan A.

Sometimes even the best laid plans aren't enough - unforeseen circumstances show up that 
make Plan A no longer appropriate. So we pivot - we change direction to get around the obstacle or scrap Plan A altogether and come up with a new plan.

Pivoting is a good thing in business. 

With one caveat....

don't let it be something you do because you're resisting the difficult stuff. There's no excuse for facing the reality that you're scared for example or that you need skills.

I know people who never gain traction in a business because every time it gets stressful, they pivot until all around them people are asking "What does he/she do?" That's not pivoting - that's confusion.

Where are you hanging onto something that needs to be let go of? Where have you fallen out of love with a process but you're sticking with it because you're worried about what others will think? 

Is it time to pivot? 

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