21 February 2018

The Status Quo is Predictable. Making Tough Decisions.

I've got a tough decision to make this year. My lease is up on my building and I need to decide what my next steps are.  Will I sign for another 3 years here or move to a smaller location? It's a tough decision.

I understand the process of  decision making - I have coached hundreds of people in decision making - weighing the options - checking out the scenarios. What if you do? What if you don't? That's the easy part. I also understand why we get stuck in places that sap our energy.

Knowing how and doing it are two different things.

The status quo is often the easier choice because you don't have to do one thing and you're already there. I'm not saying that sticking with the way things are is the right choice but it is definitely the choice that takes the least amount of energy.

An object at rest tends to stay at rest. Change.......that takes work. You've got to actually do stuff. If I give up my space, I need to decide what to do with my furniture for example. Moving to a smaller space means I have work to do.

The status quo is predictable. In all likelihood - if you're at decision time you get it.

The easy choice is to let things remain the way they are - you've got this routine down pat. Not changing may not make you jump for joy but at least you don't have work to do.

But change and the uncertainty that comes with it, now that crap can freak you out.

When I fear getting tripped up in the fact that it takes energy to change, I pull out my pen and paper.

I journal about everything. I solve all problems by writing.

What's the current situation? What is it about staying that is not appealing? I start here because I know what's appealing about it. Let's take off the rose coloured glasses and look at why the status quo is not working. Then I absorb this information - get a real feel for it. No BS here - what don't you appreciate about the status quo? Don't hold back - get it all down on paper or record it so you can listen to what you're saying.

Then I look at the other side of things. If I do make the change, what can I look forward to? In my situation I look at the benefit of changing locations for example. I look at short term and long term benefits of change.

You will get a visceral reaction with both of these exercises.

Now it's decision time - to remain with the status quo or to change. If I decide to change then I have determined that the work is worth it. I've made one too many bad decisions in my life because I got stuck in looking at the energy it would take to change instead of looking at the benefit of changing.

There are benefits and burdens to every decision - try this exercise and see if it gets you closer to a decision. It works for me

EDIT - Pay attention to the feelings that come up as you write the list. How does each option FEEL. We often discount this valuable evaluation tool. Logical and Emotional Decision Making.

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