27 May 2018

Take a Skill - Monetize It and Create a Better Life

It's not easy to make the mind shift to the "profit motive" especially when being seen as nice, kind and generous is your currency of choice.

But monetizing something that you know how to do is not going to make people not like you. On the contrary - no one likes a door mat.

It will, however, help you to put a roof over your hear, enjoy affordable housing and enjoy work that you love doing.

Exchange value - my services for your money. That's commerce and it's a great way to make a living and many more of us can become entrepreneurs if we are willing to get over the money bit.

Where were you conditioned to believe that money was bad? What's stopping you from charging what you're worth? A first step is to acknowledge that you've got issues. It's amazing what happens when you just admit that.

Don't wait for the knight in shining armour to rescue you, get out there and be your own knight.

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