7 January 2017

Upcoming Programs at PeopleCan

Upcoming Programs

PeopleCan Training
622 Sackville Drive, Unit 9
Lr. Sackville, NS
B4C 2S3
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June 16th, 2017
Cash Flow: What is it? How can you make it work for you? 

It’s tax time so you scramble to pull together some numbers so you can get your taxes done? Does this sound like you? Is this the first time you get to glimpse of what your bottom line is? Would you like to be able to do your financial projections for the next 3 years and then make those numbers work for you?

People who understand numbers and who regularly track those numbers generally make more money.

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June 2017
PeopleCan Business Success for Direct Sellers
6 Month Programs Starting Monthly Beginning in June 2017

Direct sellers who have taken one of my Essentials to Business including Money Mindset and Taxes, Networking 101, Using FB Live to Sell Your Products plus Successful Collaborations that Sell have been asking me for more. So I've created a six month coaching program for entrepreneurs who are new to direct selling PeopleCan Business Success for Direct Sellers.

During our 6 months together, we will cover these 10 topics:

1. Perfect Your Craft Talk - Introduce yourself confidently at an event in a way that encourages engagement and relationship building. 

2. Run a Successful Home Party - I will share my template and tips for planning and hosting a successful home party - an essential for relationship marketing. 

3. Money Mindset and Taxes - a staple in business - what can you write off and is your mindset aligned with making money. 

4. Networking 101 - how to work a room like a professional designed for folks who don’t enjoy the thought of networking.

5. Essential Communication Skills – a topic that will be stressed in each session. How to communicate with confidence in business.

If you want to know more about the other 5 learning objectives, contact me for details. 

Once a month we will meet in person at PeopleCan Training, 622 Sackville, Drive, Unit 9, Lr. Sackville, NS. 

Groups are limited to 8 people. There will be one person from your business - YOU. The other 7 people will represent a different product. That means that there will be many teachers in the room who may have something to share. 

Private FB Group - you will belong o a FB Group where you will find valuable resources. I will check in once a week with a training on the topic of the week. I will be using FB Live and you will be encouraged to use FB Live in the group to gain proficiency. Pitch free zone, learning only. 

Bonus: Book an optional 15-minute one on one coaching session with me each month. that's where you can speak about challenges that you are having that you may not want to bring up in group. 

If this sounds like you, email me at debbie.adams08@gmail.com or call me at (902) 448-6376 

Website: www.peoplecan.ca

This program will provide you with the support and accountability to build momentum and your bottom line.

Cost: $282.00 plus HST (that’s 47.00 per month) when you pay in full

Pay in 2 equal payments of $156.00 (that’s $52.00 a month)

Small Group Coaching: Let's Make Some Sales - Serious Entrepreneurs Only

Intensive 3 month program designed for folks who are serious about making sales.
3 month Committment
One objective - increase sales
6 people in a group
Power Coaching

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