30 April 2017

Nothing is Left to Chance - My Sunday Routine

This is me sitting down to tackle my weekly plan. Nothing is left to chance in my business. Every quarter, I sit with a coach and hammer out a broad look at the next quarter but in between those official meetings I do this Sunday routine.

I set aside a chunk of time and get out my pen and paper......and crayons. Pen and paper because I'm a boomer and it works well for me. Crayons because my first language is images and that's how I get creative. Call it wonky if you will but wonky is not too shabby in my world. It allows me to dive deep into what I want to bring about.

I start with a meditation and my first thought is "A week of success". This allows me to become centred and focused.  Meditation has become a staple and it allows me to free up time by only doing what needs to be done.

This is followed by a review of my appointment book. Here I find the things that I can't ignore - the fixed obligations that I have no control over. I write them into my working weekly planner.

Next I go with a brain dump for all the things that I would like to accomplish that week. I'm already primed with the glance at the appointment book - there are calls to make, emails to send, flights to book etc. Those need to get done  - the logistics of my work.

Then I look at my events that I have coming up in the quarter. I reverse engineer them a bit to see what needs to get done in the coming week. I keep an event book and I check in on those weekly to make sure that they're proceeding as planned.

Then I do a visioning exercise. I pretend it's end of week and I'm looking back over the week. In essence, I'm dreaming of what I have accomplished this past week (which is really this coming week). It's really not that confusing - it's about starting with the end in mind.

Having conjured up this vision of a successful week, I engage my creative side. This allows me to hammer out a plan to make those experiences happen. I've always been a dreamer - learning to leverage it in my business has been golden.

That's the gist of what my Sunday plan look like. It works for me. Success is never left to chance. What systems do you have in place to make this week amazing?

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